Cloud Town Investment Attraction Project in Chenggong District, Kunming

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Project Name


Cloud Town Investment Attraction Project in Chenggong District, Kunming



Information Industry

Project Site

Cloud Town, Information Industrial Park, Chenggong District, Kunming

Project Overview

Cloud town takes "mass entrepreneurship and innovation demonstration, information industry pivot, cultural and creative exchange" as its function positioning, and aims to build a first-class demonstration town in Yunnan Province, a national demonstration base on mass entrepreneurship and innovation, and a new innovation center in Yunnan. Relying on the excellent strategic location, industrial cluster development, and perfect infrastructure facilities, the project intends to introduce investors to build an information industry development platform integrating project, incubation of enterprises, business types, and new economic models, promoting the large-scale development of digital economy in Yunnan Province, forming an innovation and entrepreneurship ecosphere integrating "talent, technology, information, culture, capital and space" and building a new center for digital economy development in South and Southeast Asia.

Project Construction


Construction Scale: The construction is divided into three phases.  The construction of the first and second phases has been completed, with 11 existing buildings, totaling 105,000 square meters, and the projected third phase, totaling 200,000 square meters. The project is now attracting investment, focusing on introducing intelligent manufacturing, smart city, VR/AR, intelligent interaction, 3D modeling, software development, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, cross-border e-commerce, e-commerce, Internet celebrity economy, animation and design, and other industries, as well as innovation-enabled R&D enterprises.                                            

Construction Duration: 6 years.Land Area: The planned land area is 237 mu and the total floor area is 305,000 square meters.

Supporting Conditions

1. Project Advantages and Opportunities:

Chenggong is located along the Kunming-Bangkok Economic Corridor and the Kunming-Hanoi Economic Corridor. It is the intersection of the middle and east sections of the Pan-Asian International Passage. Kunming South High-Speed Railway Station, which offers eight entrances and five exits, has been opened to traffic, shortening the distance between Chenggong and developed areas in China like Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou as well as countries in South Asia and Southeast Asia. Chenggong has become China's rail transit gateway to South Asia and Southeast Asia.

High-speed Rails: Kunming South Railway Station; Urban Rail Transit: Metro Lines 1, 4, and 9 pass through the city, bringing the historical and modern sections of Kunming together; Expressways: A system of intersecting expressways such as Huangtupo-Majiapu Expressway, Chengdong-Chengjiang Expressway, and Kunming-Yuxi Expressway ensures the total driving time between Kunming and other cities in Central Yunnan is less than one hour; Airlines: The central area of Chenggong New District is about 22 kilometers away from Changshui International Airport and the distance from Chenggong to Changshui Airport is about 30 minutes by car.

2. Associated Industries:

Kunming municipal government promotes the project from the above by formulating special policies. Chenggong Information Industrial Park is the only special park in Yunnan that features big data and cloud computing information industry. The development of Cloud Town has received great support from the government. Kunming Municipal Government and Chenggong District People's Government have respectively issued documents No. 69 and No. 86 to support the development of the town. In addition, the government provides many preferential policies, including office space subsidies, electricity support, tax rewards, intellectual property rights protection, talent recruitment, and incubation incentives.

As a result, an industrial cluster was formed with rich human resources. The town is located in the central area of Chenggong university town, which gathers 200,000 teachers and students form 10 universities such as Yunnan University, Yunnan Normal University and Kunming University of Science and Technology, forming a talent pool for the project. In addition, as one of the core areas of Kunming Chenggong Information Industry Park, "Cloud Town" has attracted more than 600 enterprises, including Microsoft, Huawei, Ubtech, Rising Star to develop in the park.

3. Early Preparations:

The first phase and second phase renovation of Cloud Town has been completed. The third phase is currently being planned and a prepared feasibility study report is awaiting approval.

Investment Estimate and Fund Raising

Investment Estimate: A total investment of RMB 1.467 billion.

Fund Raising: Self-raised by enterprises, bank loans, and other ways of financing

Preferential Policies Applicable

The project can enjoy the Policies to Encourage the Development of Science and Technology Business Incubator in Kunming Chenggong Information Industry Park (trial), and other related policies. In addition, it also enjoys other preferential policies concerning office space support, government funding, tax relief, financial rewards and compensation, talent acquisition, "One case, one meeting" and so on.

Market Prediction (Analysis)

A new generation of information technology catalyzes industrial upgrading and further promotes the development of the digital economy; by gradually integrating with new information technologies, Yunnan's traditional and featured industries, such as industrial manufacturing, highland agriculture, tourism and culture, new energy and new materials, modern services, e-government receive accelerated development, speeding up the construction of a "Digital Yunnan" to take a leap forward in economy; the strength of Yunnan's digital economy has increased significantly, and the scale of the digital economy has further increased.

Profit Model and Preliminary Benefit Analysis

After the completion, the project will gain revenue from the development of information industries such as enterprise incubation, new business format incubation and new economy incubation.

Risk Analysis

Financial Risk: Information industry is a typical capital-intensive and technology-intensive industry with the characteristics of high input and high return, so the project investment should ensure the continuity of fund to avoid risks.

Technology Risk: The IT industry face the challenges of ever-changing technology, enormous product types, and rapid technological change. Therefore, project investments should be risk-averse following the current mainstream market application of technology.

Market Risk: China's digital economy industry is mainly concentrated in the Central and East China, and Yunnan is a depression in the development of information industry, and the market space has yet to be further explored. Project investments need to follow market rules and progress gradually through several pilots.

Cooperation Pattern

 Enterprises or teams must register as a business that has independent legal person and independent accounting, engages in or provides supporting services for the information industry, and pays taxes in the town according to law. The office space          is provided by Yunnan Yun Shangyun Big Data Industrial Development Co., Ltd.

Contact Information

Contact Authority: Yunnan Yun Shangyun Big Data Industrial Development Co., Ltd.

Contact Person: Jin Yulei

Tel.: 13368855525


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