Construction Project of Kengtung China-Myanmar-Thailand Port Characteristic Economic Zone in Jinghong City

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Project Name


Construction Project of Kengtung China-Myanmar-Thailand Port Characteristic Economic Zone in Jinghong City

Project Industry


Project Site

Menglong Town, Jinghong City

Project Overview

Today, economic globalization and regional economic cooperation have become the two main trends of world economic development. With the continuous expansion and deepening of economic and trade cooperation among ASEAN countries and China and the gradual progress of cooperation between China and South Asia, the "Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)" has brought new opportunities to the opening up and economic development of the border areas in Yunnan Province, promoted the development of port economy, and highlighted Yunnan's advantages in the implementation of the "BRI". The Menglong Port Economic Zone, bordering Myanmar and adjacent to Thailand and Laos, is the shortest passage from China to Southeast Asia. This project will rely on the rich raw materials in Jinghong and its neighboring countries and the 240 Channel to build Yunnan Border Pilot Open-development Zone, China-Myanmar-Thailand Local Economic Collaboration Experimental Area, and China-Myanmar-Thailand International Collection and Distribution Hub and carry out the construction of projects related to the processing of meat, small household appliances, and daily necessities, the inspection of cargo yards, frontier trade, and the upgrading and modification of supporting service facilities. It will accelerate the construction and development of the Mandong (240) Channel of Menglong, promote the development of the tourism industry, speed up frontier trade, and boost Menglong of Jinghong to build a new open growth pole along the border of southern Yunnan.

Project Construction Content

Construction Scale: The project includes the Road Network Engineering Works of the Supporting Works of Menglong Port Economic Zone, the Mozhang-Port 240 Rural Highway Reconstruction Works of Menglong Town, Frontier Trade Works of Menglong Town, (240 Channel) Goods Inspection Yard Works, Pilot Works on the Regional Management of Cross-border Beef Epidemic Diseases-Domestic Beef Quarantine Area, Imported Slaughtered Beef Inspection Works of Menglong Channel, and National-Border Joint-Inspection Building of Mandong Channel of Menglong.

Construction Duration: 2 years.

Land Area: 4,500 mu.

Supporting Conditions

Location and Transportation: Menglong Town is located in the southwest of Jinghong City, with an area of 1,217 under its jurisdiction. It is connected to Bulangshan Township of Menghai County in the southwest, Lampang County in the Special Region (4), Eastern Shan State of Myanmar (SR4·ESS) to the southeast, and Gasa Town to the north, with a boundary line of 78.39 km. It is the shortest land passage from China to the Indo-China Peninsula.

Mineral Resources: Menglong Town is rich in mineral resources, including gold, tin, manganese, iron, and others. Among them, there are large reserves of high-quality iron and manganese that can be discovered in shallow undergrounds, which belong to the high-grade iron ore deposit rarely found in China. There are 4 large mineral resource development enterprises in the area under the administration of Menglong Town.

National Culture Resources: Most residents of Menglong Town are Dai people, and the "pattra-leaf culture" is the most characteristic national culture of the Dai nationality. People in Menglong Town enjoy a lot of festivals of their own, including the "the Water-Sprinkling Festival" of the Dai nationality, the "'Gatangpa' Festival" of the Hani nationality, and the "'Lahukuo' Festival" of the Lahu Nationality. Their colorful folk arts, rich ethnic customs, and time-honored traditional cultures all greatly reflect their traditional characteristics.

Tourism Resources: There are 4 gathering areas of tourism resources in Menglong Town, which can be divided into a total of 18 basic types and shown in 52 type entities, accounting for 20.31% of that of the whole city. Among them, there are 19 high-grade type entities, accounting for 22.35% of that of the whole city. Menglong Town has advantageous tourism resources of seven categories, namely, springs, forests, ancient and precious trees, religious buildings, towers, monuments and landmarks, and characteristic towns and villages. It is most suitable for Menglong Town to develop sightseeing tour, hot-spring spa, religious pilgrimage, folk-custom tour, ecological tourism, border trade, and transnational shopping tour.

Benefits from Serving as a Port: On the west side of Yunda Highway and the north side of Menglong-Mengsong Road, some projects of national entry-exit inspection and quarantine, processing plants, and border trade are already under construction. To a certain extent, the setting-up of the national inspection and quarantine sub-bureau here tells its portal property in the north.

Abundant Raw Materials: The annual freight throughput of Mandong Channel ranks fifth among the ports (channels) of Yunnan Province. Its surrounding counties and cities, as well as Myanmar and neighboring countries, can provide a sufficient supply of raw materials like agricultural specialty products and mineral products.

Imported Raw Materials with Obvious Advantages: Myanmar enjoys advantageous natural conditions and rich resources, and the main agricultural products of Myanmar include Oryza sativa (rice), legumes, sesame, peanut, rubber, wheat, cotton, sugar cane, pepper, tomato, etc. However, its agriculture and industry have developed slowly over the years. 90% of Myanmar's foreign trade volume comes from its trade with neighboring countries. As agriculture is the foundation of Myanmar's economy, its output value accounts for about 40% of the country's gross national product (GNP), and about 70% of the country's population is directly or indirectly engaged in agricultural production. To strengthen foreign trade and develop its economy, the Myanmar government has given priority to six categories of products for export, including rice, legumes and crops for making cooking oils, aquatic products, textile products, forestry products, and rubber. China is an important importer of these products.

Investment Estimate and Fund Raising

Investment Estimate: RMB 1,675 million.

Fund Raising: RMB 500 million of special government bonds will be issued, and the rest of the funds will come from the government finance at the county level, self-financing, and granting from the higher authority.

Preferential Policies Applicable

The 240 Port Economic Zone will get more and more policy support under the guidance of Xishuangbanna Prefecture's basic policy of "Prosperity Through Port Development" for social and economic development. The project is also entitled to such preferential policies as Measures for Implementing Preferential Incentives for Investment Attraction of Jinghong City (Tentative).

Market Prediction (Analysis)

With the steady development of foreign trade, the market size of China's cross-border logistics industry is increasing year by year. According to the data released by WJS (WWW.100EC.CN), the market size of China's cross-border logistics industry reached RMB 2.62 trillion in 2019, up 16.6 % year on year. In terms of the potential market of the cross-border logistics industry in the future, ASEAN is an important potential market for cross-border logistics.

Profit Model and Preliminary Benefit Analysis

Bordering Myanmar and adjacent to Thailand and Laos, the Menglong Port Economic Zone is the shortest passage from China to Southeast Asia. Also, it is a convenient passage connecting such key cities as Kunming with 240 Port of Menglong as the regional transportation junction that can facilitate China's cooperation with Myanmar, Thailand, and Southeast Asia. The project will promote the transnational flow and optimal allocation of resources and various productivity factors, and accelerate the development of port economic zones.

Risk Analysis

Currently, the 240 Channel has not equipped with any port facilities; plus, there are already several ports open between Yunnan Province and Myanmar, so it may face competitive risks.

Cooperation Pattern

Sole proprietorship, joint venture, and cooperation.

Contact Information

Contact Authority: Investment Promotion Bureau of Jinghong City

Contact Person: Zhou Xiaoying

Tel.: 13578130101

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