Construction Project of IoT Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park of Yuxi

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Construction Project of IoT Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park of Yuxi

Industry Involved

Information Industry


Jiulong Area, High-tech District, Yuxi


The 2019 Government Work Report of Yunnan Province puts forward that, Yunnan will develop digital economy to build itself into a digital province. According to its own information development foundation, Yuxi City proposes to vigorously develop the digital economy, promote integrated development and build the "Digital Yuxi".

Relying on the advantage of industry cluster in Jiulong Area, High-tech District, Yuxi, it is planned to attract leading enterprises in the areas of R&D and closed deta testing of IoT core technology and chip, CMOS RF front-end chip, LED core driver IC and new type of semiconductor device as well as intelligent agriculture, smart home, intelligent medical system, intelligent security monitoring and other IoT application engineering and to construct Yuxi IoT Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing Park to build a whole-industry-chain IoT intelligent equipment manufacturing base integrating IoT intelligent equipment manufacturing, technical application and R&D of new technology and product.


Construction scale: The project will be constructed in accordance with the model of "one park and six areas" to keep the construction of IoT intelligent equipment manufacturing industrial park as the central task and build IoT intelligent equipment production processing area, storage and logistics area, product testing area, administrative office area, scientific research and experiment area and supporting service area. The construction includes production workshop, warehouse, product quality testing center, administration building, new technology and equipment R&D laboratory building and water, electricity, production and living facilities.

Construction duration: 5 years

Land Area: 1000 mu

Supporting Conditions

First, the digital economy development strategies of Yunnan Province and Yuxi City provide opportunities for the project development. The 2019 Government Work Report of Yunnan Province said that, Yunnan will seize the opportunities of digital economy to build "digital Yunnan" with all-out effort. The 2019 Government Work Report of Yuxi City said that, Yuxi will vigorously develop the digital economy and push the integrated development to build digital Yuxi: Insist on resource digitalization, digital industrialization and industry digitization, make the digital economy drive the development reform, build a provincial digital economy development pilot zone, a digital economy demonstration zone and innovation center towards South Asia and Southeast Asia, and drive Yuxi to take the lead in the development of digital economy in the whole province. Moreover, Yuxi issued Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Digital Economy in Yuxi, the Notice of Office of Yuxi Municipal People's Government on the Issuance of Breakdown of 2019 Key Tasks of Digital Economy and other documents and energetically advances and supports the formulation of ten opinions on the development of digital economy.

Second, Yuxi has sound foundation of high-tech and solid foundation for the development of intelligent manufacturing and high-tech. In 2018, Huawei Data Center in Yuxi was certified by the international T3 standard in terms of design and construction to become the first dual-certified T3-level data center in China and among famous data centers in China and was rated as Excellent Data Center on 8th China Data Center Conference. Yunnan Unicom Cloud Data Center in Yuxi and the provincial 5G core network have been built to boost enormously the hub supporting capacity of Unicom Southwest International Gateway Bureau. Huawei and Unicom data centers have 2,700 racks in total to form the cloud computing capability based on more than 20,000 physical servers. In total of 23 intelligent terminal manufacturing and supporting industrial projects are implemented with the total agreed investment of RMB 22.5 billion. Among which, 4 projects, including Meichen, Taiyang Shidai and Xinde, have been put into operation. In 2018, the total industrial output value of the enterprises above designated size in electronic information product manufacturing of the whole city grew 90.2% on year-on-year basis, with the value added year-on-year growth of 182.3%. 35 internet enterprises, including Huawei, Qi An Xin Group, Meiya Pico, Chongqing Zhubajie Network Co., Ltd, Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd. and IZP Group, have settled in Yuxi, which booms the software and information service industry based on IDC operation, big data and network security service. Centering on the strategic layout of popular entrepreneurship and popular innovation and relying on TusKspace and Zhubajie Incubation Platform, Yuxi will give great impetus to the innovation and entrepreneurship in digital economy. 148 enterprises have settled in the Park and a group of start-ups with good potential for growth have emerged since September 2017. For example, Jinri Qingnian Network Technology Co., Ltd. has extended its business to Korea, Myanmar and Laos; Yunnan Zhaohe Big Data Co., Ltd. has established stable partnership with Baidu, EISOO, Longmao Data and other large data companies. In 2018, the Park was rated as Yunnan Provincial Innovation Demonstration Base for Small Enterprises and Provincial Maker Space.

Third, IoT will be developed better and faster with the help of 5G. At present, 5G has been put into pilot run across China, and Yuxi will actively push forward the pilot run of 5G. IoT will be developed faster and better with the help of 5G.

Investment Estimate and Fund Raising

Investment estimate: RMB 10 billion

Fund raising: self-raising by enterprise, foreign investment invitation and other ways of financing

Preferential Policies Applicable

In addition to the preferential policies issued by the national and provincial governments, relevant preferential policies of Yuxi City and Hongta Industrial Park on investment promotion are also applicable.

Market Prediction (Analysis)

The value of IoT industry around the world grows from USD 50 billion in 2008 to only USD 151 billion in 2018, with an annual average compound growth rate of 11.7%. While, that in China reached RMB 1.15 trillion in 2017 and is further accelerated from 2011, with an average compound growth rate of 26.9% between 2009 and 2017; therefore, IoT in China is developed at a faster rate than the global average, and enjoys broad prospect for development in future.

Profit Model and Preliminary Benefit Analysis

The project revenue will be mainly gained from the sales of IoT intelligent equipment and transfer of technology. After reaching the design capacity, the project will generate an annual sales revenue of RMB 30 billion and taxation of profit of RMB 5 billion/year, with a payback period of about 7 years.

Risk Analysis

The risks mainly root in the market change and the excessive investment volume.

Cooperation Pattern

Sole proprietorship, joint venture and cooperation

Contact Information

Contact unit: Investment Promotion Bureau of Administrative Committee of Yuxi High-tech Zone

Contact: Mr. Gao

Tel.: 0877-2069302

Fax: 0877-2069302


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