Dehong Mangshi Zhefang Farm Agricultural Reclamation Cultural Tourism Town Project

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Project Name


Dehong Mangshi Zhefang Farm Agricultural Reclamation Cultural Tourism Town Project

Project Industry

Tourism and Culture Industry

Project Site

Zhefang Farm in Mangshi City, Dehong Autonomous Prefecture

Project Overview

Relying on the beautiful natural scenery of Zhefang Town, profound farming culture, and rich characteristic agricultural resources of Dehong, the project plans to build a new cultural and tourism town in the Zhefang Farm. With "agriculture +" as the core, the town will carry out overall construction around "one center, one axis, one belt and one small town", which will become a highlight on the Great West Yunnan Tourist Ring.

Project Construction Content

Based on the existing cultural and tourism resources of the Zhefang Farm, the project will introduce cultural and tourism development and operation enterprises. The Farm Management Committee will take land, agricultural specialties, agricultural and forestry resources, and funds as the factors to attract professional cultural and tourism development enterprises. Through equity cooperation and other ways, the Farm Management Committee will jointly create a farming culture and tourism town around natural resources, industrial resources, and cultural resources. Focusing on the construction idea of "one center, one axis, one belt, multiple points, and one small town", it will become a highlight on the Great West Yunnan Tourist Ring:

"One center": the 2,000 m2 Farming Culture Center (Cultural Square)

"One axis": Farming Museum (an exhibition axis integrating farming, educated youth culture, and ethnic culture in border areas)

"One belt": wetland landscape belt

"Multiple points": internal landscape nodes, including grassy areas, lighting, roads, etc., with the rubber coffee workshop and the tea gum workshop serving as the experience park and modern agriculture demonstration park.

"One small town": the farming and hot spring characteristic town featuring accommodation, catering, cultural tourism, sightseeing experience, and recreation and healthcare

Total area: 50 mu

Supporting Conditions

Location: Mangshi City is located at the intersection of ASEAN Economic Circle, South Asia Economic Circle, and Greater China Economic Zone. It is the core node city on the Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar Economic Corridor and the best convenient road passage into South Asia and Southeast Asia. It is the entry-exit port channel of the "herringbone" China-Myanmar Economic Corridor. It is the only area that can effectively cover and gather the laborers, raw materials, markets, and other resources of various counties and cities in Dehong Prefecture, surrounding counties and cities, and the Myanmar region.

Transportation: It houses Mangshi Airport, an international port with flights to 14 domestic and foreign cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Xi'an, and Kunming in China, and Yangon and Mandalay in Myanmar. In the future, it will open flights to Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia and other countries and regions. There are Hangzhou-Ruili Expressway, Mangshi-Ruili Highway and National Highway G320. The west line of the Trans-Asian Railway (Dali-Ruili section) is expected to open to traffic in 2023.

Associated Industries: There is a multi-functional tourism resort complex nearby, which can be developed jointly with the project. The construction site of the project is close to Stilwell Hot Spring Hotel, with banyan forest, pagoda and other core landscape resources. There are three river systems, including the Longjiang River, the Mangshi River and the Ruili River; There are tourism resources such as plateau wetlands (including estuaries, sand islands, water areas and beaches), canyons, forests, geothermal hot springs, ethnic villages, farms and Stilwell Wharf. All of these can be developed jointly with the project.

Tourism Resources: The climate of Zhefang, Mangshi is comfortable and suitable for living and working.  Zhefang Farm is located on the northern edge of the tropics of China and the southern margin of the south subtropics, enjoying a southern subtropical sub-humid monsoon climate. Due to the influence of Gaoligong Mountain and other mountains, the four seasons are indistinct, with long summer and no winter. The annual average temperature is 20.4. There is no intense heat in summer or severe cold in winter. Flowers bloom and trees are green all year round. The surrounding resources are gathered, and there are many scenic spots, so the aggregation effect is obvious. There are many scenic spots in Zhefang Tourism Resort, such as the Millennium Ancient Banyan Spring "Yaochi" Scenic Spot, Zhefang Tribute Rice Origin Agricultural Sightseeing Area, Jiazhong Stilwell Wharf Wetland Tourism Resort, and Dongsanyun Buddhist Culture Theme Park. The surrounding tourism resources are rich, which can effectively attract tourists. Tourism in Mangshi City: Mangshi City features abundant natural resources, beautiful natural landscapes and rich ethnic culture, which give birth to peculiar tourism resources. It houses 11 scenic spots, including Shubao Pagoda, Xianfo Cave, and Menghuan Grand Golden Pagoda. Relying on the beautiful natural scenery, rich ethnic culture and unique geothermal resources, Mangshi City has accelerated the construction of tourism infrastructure, continuously promoted the development of the tourism industry, and actively integrated into the Great West Yunnan Tourist Ring. In 2019, Mangshi City received more than 10 million domestic and foreign tourists, realizing a total tourism revenue of RMB 21.19 billion.

Investment Estimate and Fund Raising

Investment Estimate: The investment of the project is estimated to be RMB 1 billion, mainly involving the main project construction, working capital, and supporting facilities

Fund Raising: S Self-raised by enterprises, enterprise loans, etc.

Preferential Policies Applicable

Measures of Dehong Autonomous Prefecture to Support Cultural and Tourism Industry to Accelerate Transformation and Development after the COVID-19 (Excerpt)

I. Lower the operating costs

(V) Tax exemption and reduction for the newly-built motels, hotels, scenic spots projects from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2022, the main business tax collected within three years after their completion and operation will be fully rewarded and compensated.

III. Support the upgrading of cultural and tourism products

(IX) Support the construction of major cultural and tourism projects. In accordance with the requirements of "internationalized, high-end, characteristic and intelligent", first-class international brands should be introduced to build a cultural and tourism complex.

(X) Support the upgrading of cultural and tourism products. Emphasis will be put on the upgrading of high grade-A tourist attractions, high star-level hotels, hillside hotels, boutique restaurants, automobile camps, guesthouses and inns, agritainment, and other brands. (XI) Introduce differentiated land-use policies. The land use of cultural and tourism projects should be included in the land and space planning of Dehong Autonomous Prefecture. In terms of the land use of cultural and tourism projects, priority should be given to the transfer of farmland, other than permanent basic farmland, to construction land, and the approval of land use should be accelerated. The construction of cultural and tourism projects will be supported in the form of dotted lands. It is encouraged to supply the land use of cultural and tourism projects by means of long-term lease, transfer after lease, and combination of lease and transfer.

Opinions of Mangshi City on Further Promoting Investment Promotion clearly states that:

The base price of land leasing for newly introduced plateau characteristic agriculture, tourism, and other modern service projects with a total investment of more than RMB 50 million will be determined by the sum of land acquisition cost, land development cost in the early stage and relevant fees that should be collected according to regulations.

Market Prediction (Analysis)

Deepening the reform of agricultural reclamation and supporting the development of tourism industry: Since 2015, the central, provincial, prefectural and municipal governments have formulated relevant policies and measures to promote the reform and development of agricultural reclamation, support the integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries of agricultural farms, support farms in border areas, and accelerate the development of characteristic industries, border trade and border tourism.

The construction and planning of Great West Yunnan Tourist Ring will help the interactive development of tourism in western Yunnan. In 2019, Yunnan started the construction of Great West Yunnan Tourist Ring, which will become a hot area of "Colorful Yunnan" tourism. Mangshi City is within the scope of Great West Yunnan Tourist Ring. With the support of regional interactive development, the cultural and tourism industry will usher in new development opportunities.

Industrial planning guides the cultural tourism development of Zhefang Farm. "Mangshi City All-for-one Tourism Development Plan" guides Zhefang Town to integrate ecological pastoral, tourism resources, Zhefang tribute rice industry and regional transportation in the south of Mangshi City, build a composite cluster development mode, and coordinate the development and common prosperity between Ruili River Stilwell Wharf Wetland Resort, the world's three major original grain cultural heritages and the small town.

Profit Model and Preliminary Benefit Analysis

The project gains income from accommodation and catering, specialty sales, healthcare and recreation, farming experience, and research tourism. After reaching the design capacity, it is estimated that the annual revenue will reach RMB 320 million and the annual net profit will be RMB 115 million. The investment cost is expected to be recovered in 9 years.

Risk Analysis

The project conforms to the national industrial development policy, meets the needs of industry development in Mangshi City, and has less investment risks.

Cooperation Pattern

Joint venture and cooperation.

Contact Information

Contact Authority: Culture and Tourism Bureau of Mangshi City

Contact Person: Li Rongkuan, Wang Guodong

Tel.: 13988278168, 13578265962

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