Haohong Industrial Park Inve stment Promotion Project in Kunming Economic and Technological Development Zone

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Haohong Industrial Park  Inve stment Promotion Project in Kunming Economic and Technological Development Zone

Industry Involved

Agricultural product processing


Haohong Industrial Park in Kunming Economic and Technological Development Zone

Project Description

Committed to "Selling Excellent Plateau Products all around the world and introducing international products to serve Yunnan", Haohong Industrial Park in Kunming Economic and Technological Development Zone is to gather enterprises in agricultural product processing industry to occupy the markets of agricultural product out of Yunnan. Haohong Industrial Park which covers a total area of 360,000m2 focuses on exhibition exchange, domestic trade, import and export business, logistics and warehousing, and economic information consultation. At present, there are still some standard workshop available in the park. Investment from enterprises in agricultural products processing industry is welcome.

Investment carrier: 8000m2 standard workshop


Haohong Industrial Park, which is owned by Haohong Group with a total investment of CNY 1.5 billion, is located in Kunming Economic and Technological Development Zone (national-level) adjacent to the Economic Development Zone of Kunming Free Trade Zone. It is accessible in such a superior location. Supported by the policies of Kunming Free Trade Zone,  Haohong Industrial Park boasts several advantages in bonded export, bonded processing, bonded logistics, bonded warehousing, bonded exhibition and bonded service. This park can provide comprehensive supporting services for domestic enterprises and Southeast Asian import and export enterprises while introducing the famous plateau products to the world. At present, Yunnan Haohong Industrial Park has 13 buildings with a total floor area of 260,000m2. Enterprises settled in the park can enjoy the preferential policies for national economic development zone, export processing zone and free trade zone.

Haohong Industrial Park is currently divided into one core block focusing on exhibition and trading of Yunnan products and international commodities and four supporting service blocks, namely, the automobile block, hotel block, catering block and mass entrepreneurship and innovation block.

Supporting Conditions

Service for enterprise to settle in the park

1. Government services: industrial and commercial registration, tax agency, property custody, preferential policy declaration, etc.

2. Human resources services: personnel recruitment agency, human resources and social security agency, executive training, team development services, etc.

3. Supporting services: logistics distribution, working meals, reception meals, etc.

4. Financial services: financial information consultation, financing loans, loan interest subsidies, intellectual property pledge, PE/VC project docking, etc.

5. Channel services: introduction of relevant industrial platforms, sharing of industrial channel resources, construction of government channels, etc.

6. Science and technology service project consultation, feasibility study preparation, and government efforts, etc.

Investment Estimate and Fund Raising

The actual investment amount shall prevail.

Preferential Policies Applicable

National, provincial, municipal and district-level preferential policies for investment promotion available

Market Prediction (Analysis)

China's agricultural product processing is mainly based on primary processing, with insufficient intensive processing, numerous low and medium-grade products, few high-grade products, low value-added products, and limited profit space of the industry. Under the trend of consumption upgrading, the primary processing of agricultural products has been difficult to stimulate the market demand, and the weak links in the development of the industry have to be settled urgently. Under this circumstance, the state encourages the agricultural product processing industry to develop intensive processing and comprehensive utilization processing for secondary or higher processing, and the future development prospect of the intensive processing industry of agricultural products is broader.

Profit Model and Preliminary Benefit Analysis

The revenue will be obtained from property rental, sales and related services, and sales of processed agricultural products in the project. After the investment invitation and operation of the project, it will be beneficial to improve the processing level of agricultural products in Yunnan Province, increase the added value of agricultural products, and have good economic benefits.

Risk Analysis

There is no obvious risk in this project

Cooperation Pattern

Lease and property right purchase

Contact Information

Contact Unit: Kunming Jinpu Warehouse Logistics Co., Ltd.

Contact Person: Manager Liu

Tel.: 18288622612

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