Construction Project of Geographic Information Industrial Park in Yunnan

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Construction Project of Geographic Information Industrial Park in Yunnan

Industry Involved



Guandu District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province

Project Description

Geographic information industry is a strategic emerging industry for social development, and also one of the key digital economic industries for Yunnan Province to build "Digital Yunnan". With the advantages along the border, by seizing the great development opportunity of China (Yunnan) Free Trade Zone, and taking the digitalization of geographic information resources along the border as an opportunity, Yunnan Province develops the geographic information industry along the border, and prioritizes the surveying and mapping GIS, precision agriculture, intelligent water conservancy, environmental protection, land and resources monitoring format to build a new engine for the development of digital economy in Yunnan Province.


Taking office buildings as the main carrier, focusing on enterprises in the middle reaches of the geographic information industry, it develops GIS basic software, surveying and mapping software, remote sensing software, navigation and positioning software, spatial big data platform, high-security data storage center and downstream data production and acquisition, navigation and positioning services, geographic information service systems, map services, other geographic information services, etc., forming an aggregation effect.

Supporting Conditions

Transportation: With the opening of Metro Lines 2, 4, 5 and 6 to traffic in 2020, Guandu will become the area with the highest coverage of rail transit in the whole province. Expressways such as Shantou-Kunming, Hangzhou-Ruili and Shanghai-Kunming enter and exit the east gate of Kunming's main city. In addition, the Changshui Airport and Kunming Station, an important hub node of high-speed rail network, are truly the transportation centers of the whole province.

Education: The number of awards for teaching quality evaluation in Guandu District's first-class middle (high) school ranks first in the province, including Yunnan University Secondary School, The High School Affiliated to Yunnan Normal University, Yunxiu Academy, Beijing No. 80 High School, High School Affiliated to Southwest University, The Attached High School to Nankai University and other high-quality educational resources, to comprehensively promote the improvement of education and teaching quality.

Culture: By virtue of the historical and cultural origin of the old Kunming blending watertown together, the Guandu Ancient Town that bears the historical memory of the old Kunming will glow again with the building of characteristic blocks and the implementation of Pu'er tea center project. The implementation of three key projects, namely Provincial Museum, Yunnan Grand Theater and Yunnan Literature and Art Museum, makes the region full of literary grace.

Business: After years of development, nearly 200 commodity trading markets represented by Luosiwan International Trade City have gradually gathered in the region, and the Luosiwan International Trade City is the largest commodity wholesale trading market in Southwest China.

Environment: Guandu District is the second batch of ecological civilization zones in Yunnan Province, with a total wetland area of 4,750mu, and the constructed wetland occupies about 7 km along the lake shoreline. Six lakeside ecological wetlands have been built, including Dianchi International Wetland Park, Wujiatang Wetland Park and Haidong Wetland Park.

Investment Estimate and Fund Raising

The actual investment amount shall prevail.

Preferential Policies Applicable

Preferential investment policies at the national, provincial, municipal and district levels are available for the project.

Market Prediction (Analysis)

China's geographic information industry is developing rapidly, its industrial scale continues to expand, its industrial structure continues to be optimized, its innovation capacity continues to improve, and its integration development effect is remarkable. It is generally close to the world advanced level. The constant improvement of infrastructure construction provides important support for the development of the geographic information industry.

Profit Model and Preliminary Benefit Analysis

Geographic information industry activities have formed a long industrial chain from core technology research and development and data resource construction to engineering application, and then to sales, consulting and information services, including surveying and mapping, platform software, electronic maps, terminals, integrated applications, information services and many other fields. Each field has huge market space.

Risk Analysis

There is no obvious risk in the project.

Cooperation Pattern

Joint venture, cooperation, sole proprietorship.

Contact Information

Contact unit: Commerce and Investment Promotion Bureau of Guandu District

Contact Person: Yin Qi        Deputy Director

Tel.: 15887078011

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