Ciruela Intensive Processing Project in Eryuan, Dali

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Ciruela Intensive Processing Project in Eryuan, Dali

Industry Involved

Processing of agriculture and food with plateau characteristics


Dengchuan Industrial Park of Eryuan County, Dali Prefecture


Green plums contain a lot of protein, fat, carbohydrate, various inorganic salts and organic acids. It has such efficacies as inducing saliva, quenching thirst, stimulating appetite and eliminating fatigue. So it is the best choice for developing health food for children and senior citizens. This project is based on Dengchuan Industrial Park, Eryuan to give full play to the geographical and transportation advantages of Eryuan as Yunnan-Sichuan-Tibet Big Shangri-la Economic Corridor connecting the west and east and based on sound foundation of ciruela industry in Eryuan County to follow consumption hotspot and trend of ciruela health preservation and health care, continuously enhance innovation and research and development and quicken technical transformation and upgrade so as to build 10,000t Ciruela Intensive Processing Project in Eryuan County into a benchmark of ciruela industry in Eryuan Country, extend industrial chain and increase industrial value added.


Construction scale: This project has a total floor area of 19,000m2, including 10,000 m2 of standard factory building and 100 fresh plum storage pools with the area of 5000m2. A new drying line, a new fully automatic packaging line, and a new blowing, injection, and canning line will be constructed, with supporting facilities provided.

Construction duration: 3 years

Land area: 15 mu

Supporting Conditions

1. Advantages and opportunities: Eryuan County is situated at secondary hub on the development axis in South China and the development belt in south-western border area. Moreover, for being located within 2-hour economic circle of Western Yunnan Urban Agglomeration and on Kunming-Lijiang-Diqing, Yunnan-Sichuan-Tibet Big Shangri-la Economic Corridor, Eryuan County has the regional advantages connecting the west and east. This project is located in Dengchuan Industrial Park, Eryuan County and is 23km from urban area, and G214 passes through the park.

2. Associated industries: There is sound foundation in green plum planting and primary processing and related industrial chain for ciruela industry of Eryuan County. This is favorable for developing intensive processing. Standardized cultivation of such fruit is realized, and it is fruitful. Till 2014, the planting area in Eryuan County had reached 92,400mu, there were nearly 3 million of plum trees with an output of 13,000t. The leading enterprises represented by Erbao Industrial Limited Company have developed “Erbao®” green plum beverage and other series of related products. Total output value of ciruela industry reached RMB 120 million. Based on industrial development planning of Eryuan County, great attachment will be given to develop and produce green plum organic acid, high-grade plum wine and intensive processing products in the future.

3. Early preparations: Total planning area of Dengchuan Industrial Park is 25.72km2, which is divided into “one park and four areas” (including Dengchuan area, ironmaking area, coking area and refining area). Among them, refining area is newly added with an additional planning area of 5km2. In 2015, this park realized a total industrial output value of RMB 7 billion with a year-on-year growth of 10%, an industrial added value of RMB 1.55 billion with a year-on-year growth of 8%, and a main operation income of RMB 6.5 billion with a year-on-year growth of 23%.

Investment Estimate and Fund Raising

Investment estimate: This project has an estimated total investment of RMB 100 million, including RMB 18 million of fixed-asset investment, RMB 70 million of equipment investment, and RMB 12 million of working capital.

Fund raising: self-raised funds of RMB 51 million and social capital investment of RMB 49 million.

Preferential Policies Applicable

1. A series of national, provincial, and municipal preferential policies for investment promotion

2. After land granting fee, rent and share capital are assessed and reviewed, the preferential within 10% may be granted for this project land invested outside the county as per actual conditions. The price may be deducted 15%-20% for the projects utilizing barren hills and wasteland.

3. For production enterprises outside the county, the policy of “three-year deduction and two-year exemption” will be implemented (namely, corporate income tax may be exempted for the first two years and be deducted by half for the following three years since this project is put into operation.)

Market Prediction (Analysis)

Eryuan County has sufficient raw materials of green plum. Till 2014, the planting area in Eryuan County had reached 92,400mu, there were nearly 3 million of plum trees with an output of 13,700t. As people upgrade their understanding of healthy life and show higher and higher demands on healthy diet, green plum processed food becomes the best seller among numerous original ecological foods. Furthermore, health care effect of ciruela is gradually widely accepted with the continuous improvement of people's living standard. Preserved fruits and sugared green plums processed using ciruela are more and more popular as a kind of leisure food among the youth. Therefore, the demands on ciruela are on the rise. Green plums produced in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Fujian and some other are mostly used to process preserved fruits to satisfy the demands of various consumers. Ciruela beverage has gradually become an important beverage product. Green plum wine health care products are favored broadly by the consumer. In the future, processing green plum health beverage will be an important orientation. Green plums which are too tart are rarely directly eaten. Most of them are processed into candy, preserved fruit, medicinal material, health care food, and beauty product. In conclusion, it has great potential for development.

Profit Model and Preliminary Benefit Analysis

Economic benefits: The payback period is 5 years (excluding construction period). It is estimated that output value after this project is completely put into service will reach RMB 200 million.

Risk Analysis

Risk from excessive pesticide residues of upstream raw materials

Cooperation Pattern

Sole proprietorship, joint venture, cooperation or other patterns

Contact Information

Contact Unit: Investment Invitation and Cooperation Bureau of Eryuan County

Contact Person: Ao Qiuping and Luo Xunhui

Tel.: 13987203041 18987232368 0872-5120926

Fax: 0872-5120928


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