Funing Tuoniang River Wellness Tourism Center Project

Updated:2021/01/21 17:02

Project Name


Funing Tuoniang River Wellness Tourism Center Project

Project Industry

Tourism and Culture Industry

Project Site

Baoai Town, Funing County, Wenshan Prefecture

Project Overview

Taking the sustainable development of tourism as the basic principle and the landscape resources of "One Belt and Four Areas" as the carrier, the project focuses on cultivating four tourism products with the theme of "waterside Baoai tourism, canyon exploration and sightseeing, ecological water area vacation, and ethnic customs experience", and makes great efforts to build the characteristic tourism brand of "Water Area of Filial Piety and Fraternity". Finally, the Tuoniangjiang Tourist Area will be built into a new tourism highlight of Wenshan Prefecture and a model of trans-provincial tourism cooperation, and the new Baoai Town will be built into a famous waterside tourism town.

Project Construction Content

1. Tourist Service Centers: a 600 m2 tourist service center in Poya Ethnic Cultural and Tourism Village, and a 2,000 m2 tourist service center in Low-altitude Healthcare Center

2. Smart Parking Lots: 2,000 m2 Naluyakou Parking Lot, 1,200 m2 Jiacun Village Qiaotou Parking Lot, and 1,000 m2 Tuoniangjiang Tourist Area Parking Lot

3. Identification Systems: A group of identification systems will be standardized and constructed according to the standard of A-class scenic spots.

4. Tourist Toilets: 2 toilets in Poya Ethnic Cultural and Tourism Village, 5 toilets in Tuoniangjiang Tourist Area, and 2 toilets in Low-altitude Healthcare Center

5. Shuttle Buses: 20 new energy vehicles

6. Poya Love Song Cultural and Tourism Village: A road will be built from Jiancun Village to Poya Village, which is 6.5 m wide and 6 km long. The courtyards of 56 households will be renovated, the village landscape will be improved, a Poya love song performance stage will be built, the landscape of Poya Reservoir will be upgraded, and one sewage treatment plant will be built. 30 forest cabins and related supporting facilities will be built, covering an area of 4,200 m2.

7. Tuoniangjiang Tourism Format: Longduan Festival of the Zhuang nationality will be celebrated once a year according to local Zhuang customs. 5 farmhouses, 6 homestay houses, 2 luxury yachts, a 1,000 m2 outdoor training center and 65 households of Gumin Ancient Village will be renovated.

8. Low-altitude Healthcare Center: A 20 km highway around the lake and the Low-altitude Yunnan, Guizhou and Guangxi Sports Center will be built. In the low altitude dragon boat and motorboat experiencing area, a 300 m2 parking platform for motorboats and dragon boats and an overwater function room will be built, equipped with dragon boats and motorboats. The Xiangsi Island Youth "Egret" Outdoor Protection Education Base and Observation Station will be built. A total of 200 outdoor floating platforms, with each of 15 square meters and a total area of 3000 square meters, are newly built for the field fishing platform. The water park is 1000 square meters.  There is one five-star self-driving camp.

Supporting Conditions

Funing County is located in the southeast of Yunnan Province, the east of Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, and the junction of "three provinces and ten counties of the two countries". It is the access to the sea of Wenshan Prefecture and even Yunnan Province, an important gateway of Yunnan to Guangxi, Guangdong and other coastal areas, the east gate of Yunnan Province to the Pearl River Delta, an important channel connecting China with Southeast Asia and a "bridgehead" for opening up to the outside world.

Tuoniangjiang Tourist Area is located in Baoai Town, the northeast of Funing County, which is located between 105°54′- 106°12′E and 23°48′- 24°08′N. It connects Yangwei Town of Baise City in the East, Zhesang Town in the south, Naneng Town in the West and Bagui Township of Tianlin County in Guangxi in the north, covering an area of 185 square kilometers. The Tourist Area is 103 kilometers away from Funing County in the East, 342 kilometers away from Wenshan Prefecture capital and 673 kilometers away from Kunming, the provincial capital. It is 67 kilometers away from Baise City in Guangxi Province in the West and 170 kilometers away from Baise Railway Station. It is 323 kilometers away from Hekou City in the South, a capital city bordering Vietnam, and 640 kilometers away from Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam.

Investment Estimate and Fund Raising

The total investment of the project is RMB 350 million.

Fund Raising: investment attraction, and other ways of financing

Preferential Policies Applicable

The "Ten Preferential Policies of Funing County Tourism Industry Investment" and other relevant preferential policies issued by the state, province, prefecture, and counties can be enjoyed. In addition, preferential policies can be formulated in the principle of "One case, one meeting".

Market Prediction (Analysis)

Tuoniangjiang River Tourism Area in Funing County is less developed with low tourism carrying capacity and few facilities. Overall, only a few individual visitors will stay here for a short time.

In terms of the scale of the tourist market and tourism income, in 2001, Tuoniangjiang River Tourism Area received 11,000 tourist trips with a tourism revenue of RMB 1.7155 million; in 2002, it received 11,500 tourist trips with a tourism revenue of RMB 1.7934 million; in 2003, it received 16,000 tourist trips with a tourism revenue of RMB 2.7291 million; in 2004, it received 17,500 tourist trips with a tourism revenue of RMB 3.787 million; in 2005, it received 23,000 tourist trips with a tourism revenue of RMB 8.608 million.

According to the market sampling survey, the basic characteristics of the tourists to Tuoniangjiang River Tourism Area are as follows: (1) According to the geographical structure, 40% and 35% of the tourists come from Yunnan and Guangxi respectively, while 25% of the tourists are from other regions, leaving no space for the overseas tourists; (2) According to the tour mode, 18% of the travelers are organized by employers, 26% of them are self-guided travelers represented by individuals, and 15% of them are organized by travel agencies, 36% of the tourists traveled by family or friends and 5% by other travel modes; (3) The average tour time of tourists in Tuoniangjiang River Tourism Area is 1. 2 days and the average total spending per tourist in the pack-name river is RMB 230, of which RMB 60 for food and drink, RMB 60 for accommodation, RMB 50 for transportation, RMB 30 for shopping and RMB 30 for other purposes.

Profit Model and Preliminary Benefit Analysis

The average annual net income of the project is above RMB 92.206 million, and the payback period is 4 years after tax.  The project has good financial profitability. Assuming that the fixed facilities will be in operation for 20 years, the profit will be 1.84412 billion.  

Risk Analysis

1. Yunnan continues to be a hot tourist destination: In 2004, Yunnan received 1.101 million overseas tourist trips, with foreign exchange earnings of USD 422 million, an increase of 10.1% and 24.1% respectively over the previous year; it received 60.11 million domestic tourist trips, with domestic tourism earnings of RMB 33.41 billion, an increase of 16.3% and 20.1% respectively over the previous year; total revenue from tourism amounted to RMB 36.93 billion, up 20.4% from the previous year and nearly RMB 4 billion over the plan.

2. Tourism market trend: (1) Tuoniangjiang River Tourism Area is located in the juncture of Yunnan and Guangxi, which is Yunnan's large passenger and freight passage into Guangxi and Guangdong, so it faces two major tourist markets of Yunnan Province and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region; (2) Projects such as Baise Water Conservancy Hub, Hengyang-Kunming Expressway, relocation of Boai town, Funing Port will greatly promote the development of Tuoniangjiang River Tourism Area; (3) With the effects of tourism promotion and reputation increase, the market awareness of the Tuoniangjiang River Tourism Area will continue to grow and the share of tourism market will increasingly expand.

Cooperation Pattern

Joint venture, sole proprietorship, and cooperation.

Contact Information

Contact Authority: Investment Promotion Bureau of Funing County

Contact Person: Fang Shungui

Tel.: 13769616187

Fax: 0876-3069800


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