Yongping Qudong Cultural Tourism Scenic Area Quality Improvement Construction Project

Updated:2021/01/21 16:54

Project Name


Yongping Qudong Cultural Tourism Scenic Area Quality Improvement Construction Project



Tourism and Culture Industry

Project Site

Qudong Village,  Bonan Town, Yongping County, Bai Autonomous Prefecture of Dali

Project Overview

With investment highlights such as comprehensive government support, superior location conditions, sufficient preparation, good construction conditions, and complete supporting facilities, the quality improvement construction project of Qudong cultural tourism scenic area in Yongping County has broad investment prospects. The project is planned to be developed into a new node on the Great West Yunnan Tourist Ring, a national demonstration model of ethnic unity and progress, an AAAA or above National Tourist Attraction, and a well-known holiday resort with ethnic characteristics inside and outside the province.

Project Construction


Covering an area of 1km2, it is planned to build 1 park, 3 zones, and 1 belt: folk custom experience park, Yongping food area, hot spring wellness area, and ancient road sightseeing belt

Supporting Conditions

1. Rich ethnic culture: Qudong Village, Yongping is home to more than 8,000 people. The earliest history of migration can be traced back to the Yuan Dynasty. After hundreds of years, a number of ethnic minority cultures have mingled with each other, achieving prominent cultural imprints and distinctive and clear of cultural evolution.

2. Profound historical heritage: After thousands of years, there are many well-preserved historical remains which form a unique multi-cultural settlement and offer more possibilities for cultural and tourism project development with rich cultural accumulation and tourism resources, The Ancient Bonan Road, named after Bonan Mountain in Yongping, is one of the earliest ancient roads connecting foreign countries. As an important post and material distribution center of Bonan Ancient Road, Qudong is the only way for ancient Chinese people to go to Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, and other South Asian countries.

3. High-quality geothermal hot spring: Qudong hot spring has a long history. It belongs to the carbonate mineral water containing a variety of minerals with a temperature of 55-57 and daily water output of 1,380 m3. With excellent quality and high recuperation value, the hot spring possesses the potentiality to develop wellness tourism

4. Unique goodies: The Yongping unique goodies in Yunnan Province are favored by diners both inside and outside the province. Among them, braised chicken is the most famous one. The project introduces special food into tourist groups to help tourists appreciate the true meaning of "enjoying the scenery in Dali and enjoying food in Yongping"

Investment Estimate and Fund Raising

Investment Estimate: RMB 2.5 billion

Fund Raising: Self-raised by enterprises, bank loans, etc.

Preferential Policies Applicable

Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Key Industries (DF[2016] No. 28)

Implementation Plan on Accelerating the Construction of Characteristic Towns (DZF[2017] No. 28)

Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Development of All-for-one Tourism (DF[2016] No. 21)

Notice on Printing and Distributing 30 Measures for Accelerating Sustained and Healthy Development of Private Economy in Yongping County (YBF[2019] No. 2)

Market Prediction (Analysis)

Yongping is located at the important node of the Great Passage of Western Yunnan, so transportation is very convenient. Adjacent to the Hangzhou-Ruili Expressway, Qudong enjoys a good reputation in Western Yunnan for its distinctive Hui cuisine, so it has become an important transit station for business travel in Western Yunnan. Based on the existing stable passenger flow, this project will improve the overall environment of the town, extend the industrial chain, attract more tourists and make them stay longer. After completion, it is expected to increase the number of tourists by 300,000 each year, and the average time of tourists staying in the town will increase by more than 2 hours, realizing considerable economic benefits.

Profit Model and Preliminary Benefit Analysis

The annual operating income is RMB 460 million with a net profit rate of 9.5% and the payback period is 12 years (including the construction period)

Risk Analysis

Overall controllable risks with low coefficients

Cooperation Pattern

Sole proprietorship or joint venture.

Contact Information

 Contact Authority: Investment Promotion Bureau of Yongping County

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