Dali Shangguan Idyllic and Ecological Wellness Center Project

Updated:2021/01/21 16:54

Project Name


Dali Shangguan Idyllic and Ecological Wellness Center Project

Project Industry

Tourism and Culture Industry

Project Site

Louyi Village, Shangguan Town, Dali City

Project Overview

Taking advantage of the natural landscape of Erhai, Dali Shangguan Idyllic and Ecological Wellness Center links other cultural and tourism resources such as ecological landscape, historical culture, and cultural customs, transforms resource endowment into economic advantages, promotes the industrial development of Dali wellness tourism industry based on local conditions, and cultivates new driving forces.

Project Construction Content

It is planned to cover an area of 2,000 mu and to design five functional plates, including wellness and vacation center, folk culture settlement, natural folk custom experience base, characteristic ethnic cultural and creative industrial park, and rural leisure and entertainment center.

Supporting Conditions

1. Lack of development resources. Dali is vigorously promoting the construction of ecological civilization. The project is located in the extremely valuable developable zone within the protection scope of Cangshan Mountain and Erhai Lake, where there is a large area of land, including about 2,000 mu for construction, resulting in mature development conditions;

2. High development value. With a naturally valuable name card, the project is located in the northwest end of Erhai Lake, a national scenic spot and nature reserve with beautiful scenery. Facing Luoshijiang Ecological Wetland Park and backed by Yushan Forest Park, it is endowed with unique ecological resources and obvious advantages of joint development;

3. Rich tourism resources. The project has multiple natural ecological landscapes of mountains, forests, lakes, fields, and grasses, as well as rich cultural accumulation. It lies in the birthplace of Shangguan Flowers next to the Longshouguan Site and the Ancient Tea-Horse Road. There are many well-preserved domestic buildings with Bai characteristics. In the area, the houses with Bai ethnic characteristics gather and are well preserved. The project integrates natural landscape, historical culture, and cultural customs, reflecting rich and diverse development formats;

4. Excellent wellness conditions. As Dali attaches great importance to the protection and governance of Erhai Lake, the overall green ecological optimization brought the local government has created excellent wellness conditions and corresponding popularity for the project. Besides, the climate here with an annual average temperature of 18 is relatively comfortable. It is rich in pollution-free high-quality rice, corn, and other green food;

5. Developed transportation system. With convenient transportation, the project is situated within a three-dimensional transportation system of highway, railway, and aviation: close to 214 national highway and 221 provincial highway; about 6km away from the entrance of Dali-Lijiang Expressway, 49km away from the railway station, and 61km away from the airport.

Investment Estimate and Fund Raising

Investment Estimate: The total investment is expected to be RMB 1.9 billion;

Fund Raising: Self-raised by the enterprises and other ways.

Preferential Policies Applicable

Factors: All cities and counties should ensure the industrial land demand for major tourism development. For the characteristic towns in line with the implementation of linking the increase in land used for urban construction with the decrease in land used for rural construction, it is necessary to actively prepare, review and report the implementation plan, and organize the implementation according to the official reply to spare no efforts to do a good job in the land demand guarantee and service of characteristic towns.

Finance: For characteristic towns listed on the provincial creation, the prefectural financial department will offer 1:1 supporting subsidy fund according to the provincial financial subsidy standard, that is, besides the provincial subsidy, each characteristic town will get RMB 10 million of start-up funds in 2017 to be mainly used for plans preparation and the preliminary work.

Taxes: For the newly-built enterprises in the planning and construction area of the national and provincial first-class characteristic towns in China, from the date of the implementation, the new taxes and provincial and prefectural shared income paid by them will be returned to the county and city where each characteristic town is located proportionally to be specially used for industrial cultivation and enterprise development of these characteristic towns.

Investment and Financing: Fully implement the relevant policies of financial institutions on financial support for the construction of characteristic towns, innovate financial products, and actively explore the collaboration of investment and loaning.

Talents: Encourage private enterprises to actively introduce high-level talents at home and abroad with high salaries, etc. Expenses to attract talents such as house-purchasing monetary subsidies and resettlement fees can be booked as costs according to law. Support the high-end and special talents urgently needed by characteristic towns enjoying the "special methods for special cases; one case, one meeting; one talent, one meeting".

Market Prediction (Analysis)

As one of the earliest tourism development cities in Yunnan Province, Dali City witnessed a steady growth in the number of tourists and total tourism income. After the "thirteenth five-year plan" in 2016, Dali sees more rapid development of its tourism industry. The number of tourists has increased steadily, and the industry has developed from a quantity-scale model to a quality-benefit one with high market demand and great potential.

Profit Model and Preliminary Benefit Analysis

The project has remarkable economic benefits with strong profitability and rapid recovery of funds after investment, the ability to well balance its profit and loss. The annual after-tax profit is expected to reach RMB 330 million after reaching the design capacity and investment payback of the project will be completed in 10 years.

Risk Analysis

Overall controllable r isks with low coefficients.

Cooperation Pattern

It is planned to attract inves tment with joint venture and sole proprietorship.

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