The Characteristic Town Development Project of Mengdong Town, Malipo

Updated:2021/01/21 16:52

Project Name


The Characteristic Town Development Project of Mengdong Town, Malipo

Project Industry

Tourism and Culture Industry

Project Site

Mengdong Town, Malipo County

Project Overview

Combining the post-disaster reconstruction closely with guarding and strengthening the border, poverty alleviation, rural revitalization, national unity, border trade, red tourism, etc., the project guides the recovery and reconstruction according to local conditions. Following the recovery and reconstruction ideas of ensuring the foundation and people's livelihood, focusing on industry and development, the project quickly restores the production and living conditions and important infrastructure in the disaster-stricken area, rebuilt a beautiful home, and explored a new development way with characteristics.

Project Construction Content

With a planning area of 65.99 hectares, the construction of tourism towns with ethnic characteristics covers roads, tourist comprehensive service center, "Three Kings" palace, hotels, national culture square, parking lot, characteristic business street, tea market, e-commerce, green belt, and other infrastructures.

Supporting Conditions

Traffic Advantage

The Wenshan-Malipo Expressway, S210 highway and S326 highway go through Malipo County. With S210 highway stretching south to the Tianbao Port to connect Vietnam, Malipo County has the shortest land route in Yunnan Province to reach Vietnam's capital. All roads in the county are paved with the hardened surface and there are access roads to all 1,908 natural villages.

Traffic planning of Mengdong: Transit traffic. Mengdong-Maguan Highway is connected to the edge of the market town. It is planned to be expanded and reconstructed, and the width will be limited to 16 meters.

Folk Culture

The Longchong Dance, which has won the Caiyun Award for Ethnic and Folk Song and Dance Music in Yunnan Province, is a sacrificial dance of the Dianyao branch of the Yao ethnic group of Malipo County. People do this dance to perform religious sacrifice and expiate the sins of the dead. Mengdong is rich in ethnic culture and is home to many ethnic minorities, including Yao, Miao, Dai and Zhuang.

Biological Resources

Mengdong is rich in water, sunshine, rainfall, air humidity and sandy soil. There are still a large number of ancient tea trees that are hundreds to thousands of years old, lush and planted in the mountains. Mengdong grows cash crops such as Illicium verum, Lanxangia tsaoko, Chinese fir, bamboo shoots and banana. There are ecological resources such as Chinese fir and miscellaneous tree.

The preliminary work has been carried out, contributing to improved town plans and some supporting facilities.

Investment Estimate and Fund Raising

Investment Estimate: RMB 1.5 billion

Fund Raising: Self-raised by the enterprises, cooperation, and joint venture

Preferential Policies Applicable

Relevant preferential policies issued by the country, the province, the prefecture, and the county are applicable.

Market Prediction (Analysis)

In the tourism industry, the domestic tourism market, inbound tourism market and outbound tourism market are running well. The number of tourists, total revenue and per capita tourist consumption expenditure in the market show an upward trend. The tourism industry market ranks among the top in the world. The growth rate of China's tourism industry is also faster than that of other major countries in the world. In China, tourism transportation is more convenient, tourism public services are better, the paid vacation system is implemented more quickly, the market order is significantly improved, civilized tourism has become the trend, and the tourism environment is more beautiful. In 2020, the total size of the tourism market reaches 6.7 billion person-times, the total investment reaches RMB 2 trillion, and the total revenue reaches RMB 7 trillion. The overall contribution of tourism to the national economy reaches 12%, the overall contribution rate of catering, accommodation, civil aviation, railway and passenger transport surpasses 85%, and more than 1 million new tourism-related jobs are created annually. Inbound tourism continues to grow, outbound tourism develops healthily, and the gap with developed countries in the tourism industry is significantly narrowed. China's power to speak and influence in the formulation of global tourism rules and international tourism affairs is obviously enhanced. The market potential is huge.   

Profit Model and Preliminary Benefit Analysis

After its completion, the project will promote the development of urban-rural integration through the industrial chain of accommodation, catering, entertainment facilities, characteristic tourism, health, and other industries, which will help to narrow the gap between urban and rural areas, revitalize the rural areas, and realize industrial prosperity. The annual output value of the industrial chain of characteristic towns can reach over RMB 100 million, showing a considerable development prospect.

Risk Analysis

The project is faced with operation and management risks, and significant changes in bank lending rates and other factors.        

Cooperation Pattern

Cooperation and joint venture

Contact Information

Contact Authority: The People's Government of Mengdong Town

Contact Person: Cha Xingbin

Tel.: 18787606843

Fax: 0876-3054472


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