Yongren Yi Cultural Industry Creative Park Construction Project

Updated:2021/01/21 16:51

Project Name


Yongren Yi Cultural Industry Creative Park Construction Project

Project Industry

Tourism and Culture Industry

Project Site

Yongren County

Project Overview

Based on the Yi Costume Culture with a long history in Yongren County and the world-famous "Fashion Show Brand" and taking the national costume as the carrier, the project will build an industrialized, large-scale and modern Yi Culture (Clothing) Creative Industrial Park integrating research and development, production, sales, exhibition, and training, to develop and produce the local traditional costumes, embroidery products, and handicrafts to promote the development of ethnic cultural industries.

Project Construction Content

Covering an area of 50 mu, it is planned to build Yi clothing processing and production area, design and R & D center, business experience area, public supporting area, Yi Culture (Clothing) Creative Park and Yi Cultural Tourism Town.

Supporting Conditions

Yongren County and Panzhihua City, Sichuan Province are separated by mountains and rivers, connecting by 108 National Highway and Chengdu-Kunming Railway. It is a neighbor on the west side of Huili County of Sichuan Province separated by Jinsha River, bounded by Yuanmou County in the south, Dayao County in the southwest, Huaping County in the northwest, and Panzhihua City in Sichuan Province in the north. It has an excellent geographical position.

Investment Estimate and Fund Raising

Investment Estimate: The project covers an area of 50 mu with an investment of RMB 2 billion.

Fund Raising: Sole proprietorship.

Preferential Policies Applicable

The project can enjoy the relevant national, provincial or prefectural preferential policies and Yongren's investment attraction preferential policies. Where the country and the province, prefecture and county have different provisions on similar preferential policies respectively, the most preferential policies shall be implemented.

Market Prediction (Analysis)

The role of the tourism sector as a pillar industry has been shown and the tourism industry plays an increasingly prominent role in China's social economy. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the number of urban and rural tourists increased at an average annual growth rate of about 10%; the total tourism revenue increased at an average annual growth rate of over 11%; and the direct investment in tourism increased at an average annual growth rate of over 14%. By 2020, there will be 6.7 billion tourists in the overall tourism market; the total tourism investment will reach RMB 2 trillion; and the total tourism revenue will reach RMB 7 trillion. The tourism industry is embracing wider and faster growth. In particular, since China's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), the increasingly accelerated opening-up of China's tourism industry has been seen.

According to the survey, in 2019, the total business revenue of enterprises above designated size in China's clothing industry reached RMB 1,601.033 billion, accounting for 1.51% of RMB 105.78 trillion, the business revenue achieved by industrial enterprises above designated size nationwide that year.

The industry shows promising market prospects.


Profit Model and Preliminary Benefit Analysis

After its operation, it can produce 200,000 suits of Yi clothing and 300,000 pieces of Yi handicrafts, and receive 1 million tourists per year.

Risk Analysis

The project is faced with sales risks so that enterprises should create national brand awareness, develop sales channels, increase sales investment, and actively expand markets. Set up a professional R & D team to avoid being affected by alternatives.

Cooperation Pattern

Sole proprietorship

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