Zepan Hot Spring Wellness Town Development and Construction Project in Yuanjiang, Yuxi

Updated:2021/01/21 16:49

Project Name


Zepan Hot Spring Wellness Town Development and Construction Project in Yuanjiang, Yuxi

Project Industry

Tourism and Culture Industry

Project Site

Dulang, Lijiang Street, Yuanjiang County - Xiaoyan Area

Project Overview

Taking advantage of the abundant natural landscape, national culture, agricultural tourism, and hot spring resources in Dulang, Lijiang Street, Yuanjiang County - Xiaoyan Area, the project integrates cultural, folk, and ecological resources, and builds a hot spring wellness town integrating ecological leisure, cultural experience, hot spring wellness, riverside tourism, agricultural tourism, research and education based on experiential, interactive and participatory tourism formats.

Project Construction Content

Construction Scale: The project will be developed according to "one center, two belts, and eight districts": taking hot spring wellness as the center, Yuanjiang landscape belt and ecological leisure belt as the wings, focusing on the construction of a high-end hot spring wellness resort, ancient forest ecological recuperation area, Dai characteristic culture experience area, agricultural sightseeing experience area, riverside wetland landscape area, aquatic ecological entertainment experience area, catering and accommodation area, tourism comprehensive service area and related supporting facilities, etc.

Construction Duration: 3 years

Land Area: 1,822.5 mu

Supporting Conditions

1. Project Advantages and Opportunities: Yuanjiang Hani, Yi and Dai Autonomous County is located in the southwest of China, the south of Yunnan and the middle and upper reaches of the Red River, which stands in the southernmost part of the "Central Yunnan town clusters" among the six major ones. With wonderful landscapes, rich natural treasures, various flowers blooming all the year round, and delicious fruits, it is a rich and precious place for sightseeing, investment, and development.

Yuanjiang County has an advantageous transportation location: the Central Line of Trans-Asian Railway, Kunming - Bangkok Road, and Chuhe Economic Arterial Highway passing through the county. With the acceleration of Yuxi-Mohan Railway, S35 Yongren-Jinshuihe Highway, reconstruction of G213 and general airport construction project, the main transportation network of "four verticals, one horizontal and one point" will be formed with G8511 and Shihong Highway. It is the junction of five counties (Yuanjiang, Honghe, Xinping, Mojiang, and Shiping) in three prefectures (Yuxi, Honghe, and Pu'er), and is the key node of the Kunyu-Yuyuan Industrial Economic Belt. As a vital traffic hub from inland China to South Asia and Southeast Asia, it will form a four-hour economic circle with Hekou, Mohan, Daluo, Jinshuihe, and Moding. The wellness town is well served by traffic. It is located in the southeast of the county with two highways and the south extension of Riverside Road directly to the county and a planned-building Dulang Bridge connecting the East Ring Road, which is about 6 km away from the Yuanjiang general airport in the plan.

2. Associated Industries: In Yuanjiang County, where frost never occurs with an annual average temperature of 23.9 and an average temperature of 17.9 in winters, it's a good place to enjoy flowers, fruits, and warm winter sunshine. Enjoying little rain and sufficient sunshine, there are over 360 days of good air quality every year. It's rich in solar energy resources with an annual average humidity of 69%, an annual average sunshine duration of 2,291.7 hours, and a negative oxygen ion content of about 1,000/cm3. Although the overall temperature of Yuanjiang is relatively high, the project is a rare summer resort surrounded by lush ancient trees: thousands of tamarind trees, wild mango trees, and kapok trees, resulting in a high canopy density and a lower temperature.

The surrounding areas are hometowns of Dai people, most of which are Dai villages. With a long history, there are unique national cultures such as masked love songs and fairy tales and characteristic folk activities such as flower-street festival and water-splashing festival, it is rich in ethnic customs and profound culture. The magnificent masked love songs gathering is well-known both at home and abroad.

There is a 40 °C constant temperature carbonated hot spring 3 km away from the site, which is undeveloped with great exploitation value, making the development more convenient. There is a developed hot spring in the Red River Valley 18 km away from the site, which is up to 94 °C.

3. Early Preparations:

Dulang and Xiaoyan are national health villages and national culture demonstration villages. The project has been listed as a characteristic town in 2019.

Investment Estimate and Fund Raising

Investment Estimate: The total project investment is expected to be RMB 4.681 billion.

Fund Raising: Self-raised by the enterprise, investment attraction, and other ways.

Preferential Policies Applicable

In addition to the preferential policies issued by the country, province, and city, it can also enjoy other policies including Some Preferential Policies for Investment Attraction of Key Industries in Yuanjiang County (YF[2017] No.5).

Market Prediction (Analysis)

In 2018, the scale of China's great health industry reached RMB 7.01 trillion, and it is expected to reach RMB 8.78 trillion in 2019 and exceed RMB 10 trillion in 2020. The compound annual growth rate in the next five years will be about 12.55%, and it is expected that this scale will reach RMB 14.09 trillion in 2023. In the future, it will be a world combining wellness and tourism. Thus, the market prospect is promising.

Profit Model and Preliminary Benefit Analysis

After the project is completed and put into operation, it will provide tourist tourism services, hot spring wellness, recreation, forest wellness, ethnic cultural experience, and characteristic fruit picking, etc. based on hot springs. It is estimated that the annual income will be about RMB 2.868 billion, and the investment payback period will be about 6.4 years.

Risk Analysis

Project risks mainly come from capital and operations.

Cooperation Pattern

Sole proprietorship, joint venture, cooperation, etc.

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