Development and Construction Project of Yaping Eco-tourism Area in Fugong

Updated:2021/01/21 11:05

Project Name


Development and Construction Project of Yaping Eco-tourism Area in Fugong

Project Industry

Tourism Culture Industry

Project Site

Shiyueliang Township and Lumadeng Township of Fugong County

Project Overview

Yaping Eco-tourism Scenic Area is located in Gaoligong Mountain on the west bank of Nujiang River, 54 km away from the county seat, with an altitude of 2,600-3,000 m, fully showing the diversified forms of nature. The main ecological environment, such as snow mountain, bamboo forests, primeval forests and dwelling houses, makes visitors reluctant to leave. The project, depending on Gaoligong Mountain, Shiyueliang Mountain, Nujiang River and other natural landscape, Lisu Culture, Shiyueliang praying culture and other humanistic resources, as well as the grand tourist ring route in west Yunnan, aims to develop in-route travel and self-driving travel services, so as to build a tourist scenic area integrating mountain and canyon sightseeing, national cultural experience, ecological scientific research and mysterious land exploration.

Project Construction Content

Construction Scale: According to the distribution of tourism resources, a new tourism development pattern of "one core, four areas and six groups" will be constructed. Projects include new infrastructure, Shiyueliang viewing platform, the World Yabaha Praying Center, Shiyueliang Praying Plank Road, Yahaba Lisu Town, National Geology Museum, 18km Tourist Service Center, Yazuoluo Park, Yaping Low-attitude Flight Base, Gudang Homestay Village, Mieluo Food Village, Yunnan No. 1 Speed Rafting, Ziptreck, the World Yabaha Praying Festival, etc.

Construction Duration: 3 years.

Land Area: 30 km², with a planned area of 165 km² and a core construction area of 450 mu.

Supporting Conditions

1. Project Advantages and Opportunities:

Fugong, located in the center of the "Oriental Grand Canyon" and the core area of the world natural heritage "Three Parallel Rivers", is an important compartment of the "Shangri-La Ecological Tourism Area" and the "Yunnan Ethnic Culture Ecological Tourism Area".

As an important compartment of the "Shangri-La Ecological Tourism Area", Fugong is one of the tourist routes to Meri Snow Mountain, the first alpine mountain in Yunnan Province, an important node of the grand tourist ring route in west Yunnan, and the hub that connects directly the "new Yunnan-Tibet Highway". It is located between the three hot spots of Western Yunnan (Baoshan, Dehong), Northwest Yunnan (Dali, Lijiang, Diqing) and Southeast Tibet (Nyingchi, Qamdo), which enables Fugong to rely on the three tourist areas to further accelerate the development, and to further promote the development of the three tourist areas.

Aviation: Fugong General Airport is 22.3 km away from the county seat. At present, the site selection and navigation service analysis have been completed, and it is expected to be open to navigation in 2020.

Highways: The Provincial Highway S228 runs through the whole area; Fuwei Highway (Shiyueliang-Baijixun Township, Weixi County) is expected to be completed by mid-2020; and Fulan Highway (Zhiziluo-Yingpan Town, Lanping County) is expected to be completed by the end of 2020. Another major cross-border road in Fugong, namely the Yaping Highway from Yaping Passage to Myanmar, has been renovated and upgraded. Also, the Yagu Border Trade Road is under planning and construction. The main traffic road to the scenic spot, namely the National Highway G219, has been built and opened to traffic to provide convenience for the public. Yaping Highway and village roads inside the scenic spot have been hardened, but the width of the road is limited, so it is difficult for vehicles to pass each other in some sections.

2. Associated Industries:

Natural Resources: Yaping Scenic Area is one of the six tourist areas in the world natural heritage “Three Parallel Rivers” with rich species resources, making it a natural geological museum. The main resources including Yaping Grand Canyon, natural primeval forest meadow, Shitaiyang scenic spot, Shiyueliang scenic spot and waterfalls. The Nujiang Gorge has high mountains, deep valleys and rapid streams, forming a three-dimensional vertical climate of "four seasons in a mountain and different weather within ten miles”, which is known as the saying "different weather within ten miles, all things in one mountain". Yaping Scenic Area is rich and diverse in natural resources, with advantages in ecological environment, climate, geology and landform and tourism resources, among which the ecological environment is the core resource and has a great development value.

Humanistic Resources: There are rich Lisu ethnic customs and Nu ethnic customs in the scenic area. Local cultural activities include folk festivals, folk stories, special food, special services and literary and artistic works. Among them, there are famous folk festivals such as "Kuoshi Festival" and "Harvest Festival" of the Lisu nationality and folk activities of the Lisu nationality such as singing in antiphonal style, pipa playing, jew's harp playing, flute playing, pole climbing, wrestling, boat race, crossbow, broadsword play, bamboo raft race, Dingjia, Douxi, swing, and Momoqiu.

3. Early Preparations:

The Overall Plan for the Ecological Leisure Tourism Area of Yueliang Mountain is completed.

Investment Estimate and Fund Raising

Investment Estimate: RMB 1.2 billion.

Fund Raising: Self-raised by enterprise and government investment.

Preferential Policies Applicable

In addition to national and provincial preferential policies, the project can also enjoy the prefecture and county's preferential policies related to land, tax, finance, market access, and investment attraction.

Market Prediction (Analysis)

Since 2018, the tourism industry, under the guidance of the national authorities, has launched the cultural tourism integration industry to add cultural connotation to tourism scenic spots, expand the space for tourism economic development with culture, and promote the development of quality tourism with supply-side reform. While constantly enhancing the people's sense of acquisition from tourism, the domestic tourism revenue has also reached a new high. In 2018, the domestic tourism market continued to grow at a high speed, and the cumulative total revenue reached RMB 5.97 trillion, with a year-on-year growth of 10.56%. It is predicted that the total revenue of China's tourism industry will exceed RMB 8 trillion by 2021, and that the total revenue of China's tourism industry will exceed RMB 10 trillion in 2023, reaching RMB 10.37 trillion. The average annual compound growth rate of the period from 2019 to 2023 is about 11.66%.

Profit Model and Preliminary Benefit Analysis

It makes profits mainly through "ticket + experience business + supporting business + activity income + derivative services" and "special accommodation/catering and accommodation + supporting business + activities". This is calculated based on the tourist volume of about 2,500 people/day, the annual growth rate of about 30%, and RMB 500 per person.

Risk Analysis

Measures should be taken to enhance the ability to resist risks, including strengthening market research and analysis and international management, improve the service management level, reduce the operating cost, increase the operating efficiency, standardize the corporate governance, prepare and improve management rules and regulations, promote the overall management of target cost, and intensify cost control.

Cooperation Pattern

Joint venture, cooperation, sole proprietorship.

Contact Information

Contact Authority: Culture and Tourism Bureau of Fugong County

Contact Person: Wang Yinfeng

Tel.: 0886-3413875

Fax.: 0886-3413875


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