Xiangyun Red Cultural Tourism Project of the Western Yunnan Tourism Ring Line

Updated:2021/01/21 11:02

Project Name


Xiangyun Red Cultural Tourism Project of the Western Yunnan Tourism Ring Line



Tourism Culture Industry

Project Site

Wangjiazhuang Village, Liuchang Town, Xiangyun County

Project Overview

Based on the advantages of Xiangyun County as one of the 47 "revolutionary old districts and counties" in the province, it fully digs into the deep local red cultural heritage and long historical and cultural traditions. It promotes and inherits the local red cultural tourism resources and vigorously develops the tourism market by exploiting the red tourism cultural resources with the former residence of Wang Fusheng and Wang Desan and the former residence of Wang Xiaoda at the core, taking tourism resources such as Wangjiazhuang Hot Spring, Taixin Manor, Qinghai Lake as complements, and using important revolutionary historical and cultural villages in the province as the slogan. Through the construction of the red rural tourist area, the project will improve the Taixin Manor ecological tourism and sightseeing area, and strive to build a rural tourism complex integrating revolutionary education, red culture, tourism and sightseeing, leisure and vacation, folk culture, and health care accommodation. It has developed into a famous classic red scenic spot, a patriotism education base, and a demonstration base for party conduct and clean government education in Yunnan Province and even the whole country.

Project Construction Content

The construction contents include supporting facilities such as the Red Education Cadre College, the Tourist Service Center, hiking roads, cycling roads, and tourist traffic information command system. The project is divided into two phases: the first phase is to build Xiangyun Wang Fusheng-Wang Desan Cadre College covering 6,000 m2, the Red Culture Square, Tourist Service Center covering 600 m2 and identification system, sanitary facilities, safety facilities and other supporting facilities. The second phase is to construct 50 km-long red walking roads and red army tourist hiking and cycling roads, 20 viewing platforms, 5 replenishment points along the way, 3 smart parking lots, 14 tourist rest stations for west Yunnan revolutionary center base sites, and Xiangyun County's red tourism sign navigation system.

Supporting Conditions

Xiangyun County is located in the transportation hub of western Yunnan and is a logistics distribution center, with many merchants coming and going. It has advantages in history, culture, transportation location, resources and infrastructure. Water, electricity and communication facilities are available in the project implementation area. The existing tourism resources of Wangjiazhuang village include red cultural resources such as the former residence of Wang Fusheng and Wang Desan, Sanying Temple, and leisure tourism resources such as Taixin Manor and Wangjiazhuang Hot Spring.

Investment Estimate and Fund Raising

The investment is estimated to be about RMB 250 million in total.

Fund Raising: Self-financing.

Preferential Policies Applicable

The project can enjoy preferential treatment such as Several Policies and Regulations on Investment Promotion of Xiangyun County's Industry and Logistics.

Market Prediction (Analysis)

China has formed a relatively complete system of red tourist attractions. With the increase in the number of red tourists, the scale of red tourism revenue has also increased year by year. In recent years, the growth rate of red tourism revenue in China has basically maintained above 10%, and the future trillion market scale is just around the corner. The project actively uses the revolutionary memorial sites, the red cultural memorial halls and the revolutionary spirits they carry, and uses the red scenic spots such as the "Former Residence of the Three Heroes of Wang Family" in Wangjiazhuang Village as the support to create a red cultural tourism project, and strive to promote the construction of the old revolutionary area. The cultivated red tourist attractions have become a hot spot for people to visit, with a broad market prospect, huge potential for future development and certain regional characteristics.

Profit Model and Preliminary Benefit Analysis

The project makes profits through catering and accommodation, comprehensive tourism service fees and tourism product experience. After the project is completed, it can greatly enrich the tourism market in the local area and Xiangyun County, promote local economic development, improve the quality of life of local people, promote the development of catering, tourism and other related industries, provide new employment opportunities for the local area, and reduce government employment pressure.

After the project is completed, it is expected to receive 5,000 people at the same time every day, and it is expected to receive more than 1 million tourists annually. With the in-depth development of wellness industry, homestays, and outdoor sports, the annual profit will be about RMB 50 million with an investment payback period of 4-5 years.

Risk Analysis

The project has low risk and broad market prospects.

Cooperation Pattern

Cooperation, joint venture and sole proprietorship, etc.

Contact Information

Contact Authority: Investment Promotion Bureau of Xiangyun County

Contact Address: 2/F, Main Building of Xiangyun County Administrative Center.

Contact Number: 0872 - 3125623 / 3125622 / 3120001

E-mail: xyzshzj@163.com

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