Construction Project of Xiling Hot Spring Leisure Resort Town in Ning'er

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Project Name


Construction Project of Xiling Hot Spring Leisure Resort Town in Ning'er



Tourism Culture Industry

Project Site

Hualiang Village, Ning'er Town, Ning'er County, Pu'er

Project Overview

"Xiling Hot Spring" among the "Eight Sights of Puyang" is located at the Hualiang Villagers' Committee, Group Reshuitang, Hualiang Village, Ning'er Town, where is 7 km away from downtown Ning'er County with well-developed transportation. The "Xiling Hot Spring" has a good water quality, with dozens of springs gushing from the bottom of the pool. Regardless of seasons, the temperature of spring mouths is 38 , and the underground water temperature is over 80 . The daily water yield is over 4,000 m3 with a degree of mineralization of 0.299 g/L and a water quality type of calcium carbonate. "Xiling Hot Spring" boasts the placid green water, the large area of lush forests and a serene environment preferred by various animals such as birds. The water there contains sulfur, which can treat skin diseases and give a refreshing washing experience. It is the best testimony of the old saying that "It is said that the hot spring water is under the cinnabar, which can treat illnesses as the folk practices out of a warm heart".

By virtue of the abundant hot spring resources of Xiling Hot Spring and the sound surrounding ecological resources, the project will integrate the hot spring resources, ecological resources, hillside inns, recreation and heath maintenance, and tourism to construct a hot-spring town of recreational travel, where the health maintenance through hot springs, tour and sightseeing, leisure and entertainment, and ecological residence are available with the purpose of boosting the development of the all-for-one tourism industry in Ning'er County, and forging a desired land for healthy holidays and an international new base for healthy holidays in Yunnan Province.

Project Construction Content

Construction Scale: The project will realize the spatial layout within the framework of "one core, two wings, and multiple emphases". To explain, the hot-spring town will be the "core"; the "two wings" will be the health maintenance development through hot springs and the development of ecological recreation; the "multiple emphases" will be placed on the tourist center, hillside hot spring inn, thematic homestay and inn, hot spring SPA service center, area of recreation and entertainment services, cableway connecting the scenic spot, etc.

Construction Duration: 3 years.

Land Area: The planned area of the project is about 10,000 mu, and there are more than 80 mu of collective construction land.

Supporting Conditions

1. Project Advantages and Opportunities:

Ning'er Hani and Yi Autonomous County is located in the south of Yunnan Province and the center of Pu'er. It is the hometown of Pu'er tea famous at home and abroad, the core place of origin and distribution center of Pu'er tea, and the source of the Ancient Tea-Horse Road. Area Under Jurisdiction: A total of 6 towns and 3 villages, 85 villagers' committees, and 4 community committees; Total Population: 195,000, with a minority population accounting for 55.5%; Land Area: An area under the jurisdiction of 3,670 km2 with the mountainous areas accounting for 96.8%.

Located in the south of Yunnan and on the vital communication line connecting China with Southeast Asia, Ning'er is 370 km away from the provincial capital Kunming and 33 km from the central urban area of Simao District. The Kunming-Bangkok Road, National Highway 213, National Highway 323, and Provincial Highway 222 intersect at Ning'er; the middle line of the Yuxi-Mohan Railway under construction passes through the Ning'er County and the city's largest freight train station is set up in Ning'er County; Jingning Expressway, which is about to start construction, Wenjing Town-Tuanjie Village Highway and Ningjiang Highway under construction, will further highlight Ning'er's advantages in comprehensive traffic.

The project is located on the west side of the county town, at the head of Yangguang River in the Hot Water Pond Group, Hualiang Village, Ning'er Town, with convenient traffic and the highway of Dehua Town passes through it. It is 7 km away from the county and passes near the Ningjiang second-class highway. The urban arterial road connects the Kunming-Bangkok Road and the Ning'er Railway Station of China-Singapore High-speed Railway.

2. Associated Industries:

The project is located on the Grand Tourist Ring Route in West Yunnan and the Kunming-Bangkok Road, with great potential for development. Pu'er City is included in the "8-shaped" grand tourist ring route in west Yunnan. With the construction of the grand tourist ring route in west Yunnan, Ning'er County will surely become an important node on the ring. Ning'er is a key node on the Kunming-Xishuangbanna route. It is located on the tourism line of the Kunming-Mohan Grand Passage; at the same time, Ning'er County is also a key county for the development of Pu'er City's tourism and cultural industry. This project has great prospects and potential.

Ning'er County is rich in tourism resources and has great potential for development. Ning'er County has a suitable climate, with rich and colorful tourism resources such as hot springs, ethnic culture, tea culture, and Ancient Tea-horse Road culture. There are 216 of them in total in the county, 25 of which are among tourism classifications. At this stage, the development of tourism resources in Ning'er County is relatively low and has strong potential for future development.

3. Early Preparations:

At present, the project has complied Detailed Construction Plan for Xiling Hot Spring Health and Wellness Town. The land has basically completed three connections and one leveling, and the nearby water and electricity supply is sufficient. The hot springs are already in operation, but the scale is small. Thus, the tourist's experience is at an average level, and the operation permission has expired.

Investment Estimate and Fund Raising

Investment Estimate: RMB 560 million.

Fund Raising: Self-raised by enterprises.

Preferential Policies Applicable

The project can enjoy the preferential policies of investment attraction, taxation, land and rural tourism development in Pu'er City and Ning'er County.

Market Prediction (Analysis)

In 2019, Yunnan received 14.8493 million inbound overseas tourists (including day-trips at ports of entry), an increase of 4.8% over the previous year; 800 million domestic tourists throughout the year, an increase of 17.4%, and 814.8493 million tourists at home and abroad.

The same year, the City of Pu'er received 134,900 inbound overseas tourists (including day-trips at ports of entry), an increase of 17.6% over the previous year; 41.1274 million domestic tourists throughout the year, an increase of 18.3%, and 41.2623 million tourists at home and abroad.

Profit Model and Preliminary Benefit Analysis

After the completion of the project, it will have income from hotel accommodation, hot spring treatments, water entertainment, catering services, etc. It is expected to receive 800,000 tourists per year. If each person contributes a consumption of RMB 300, the annual main business income is about RMB 240 million. The investment payback period is about 8.7 years (including the construction duration of 3 years).

Risk Analysis

The project complies with the national industrial policy and meets the industrial development needs of Ning'er County. The investment risk is relatively small but faces the risk of a long return period.

Cooperation Pattern

Sole proprietorship.

Contact Information

Contact Authority: Investment Promotion Bureau of Ning’er County

Contact Person: Chen Juncai

Tel.: 18988392637

Fax.: 0879-3231799


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